End-to-End Services for you

 Offering low minimums of naturally derived and organic

based skin care formulations which can be customized with

natural essential oils and active ingredients, quality packaging, 

your line of custom cosmetics or spa products can be reality.


We believe in the value of honesty.

We have more than 40 years’ experience in working alongside

customers from all channels.

We manufacture all products in our own facilities, constructed under GMP (good manufacturing practices)

(ISO 9001 & ISO 27216, BDIH certification, FDA certification).

Our team designed our private label skin care product with you inmind.  We’ve made sure to keep our prices affordable  and be very profitable. 

We’ll be happy to work with you on your private label skin care

product every step of the way — whether you want to tweak theingredients, incorporate your own formulas, or use one of our packaging design templates.

The quality for us is of the highest importance. We have an in-house quality control team  ensuring purity and performance.


We use top quality of raw materials from all over the world but

especially from our area, which is famous for its floral quality.







  Working with 

  • Your Needs

  • Marketing Plan

  • Honnestly

  • Low Minimus

  • Ecological Value

  • Natural Raw Materials

  • Quality

  • Flexibility

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