Oregano – Spearmint

Produced by bees, beeswax has moisturizing, emollient and soothing

properties. Beeswax is rich in fatty acids, which are compatible with skin lipids. 

Oregano: Natural antiseptic that prevents the growth and development of harmful

microorganisms that can negatively affect the skin.

It has strong antibacterial properties, thanks to its basic compound that is called


Spearmint essential oil: works well as an antiseptic for wounds

helps to balance the pH levels of the skin. At the same time, its antiseptic and anti-

inflammatory properties reduce redness, spots or pimples


Moisturizes and softens dry and sensitive skin


100% Natural Product 

Suitable for the Whole Family

Made with Ingredients of the Highest Quality

Winter's allies Beeswax cream

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