Calendula –Melissa –Yarrow- Althea 

Produced by bees, beeswax has moisturizing, emollient and soothing

properties. Beeswax is rich in fatty acids, which are compatible with skin lipids. The

unique combination of essential oils and herbs rejuvenates the skin, helping it regain

its radiance and freshness.

Calendula: Offers soothing, healing and moisturizing action.

Melissa: contains eugenol, which kills bacteria and has been shown to soothe the

muscles and numb tissues.

Yarrow: The leaves of the plant are astringent and they are for healing wounds of all


Althea : It has healing properties, soothes skin irritations.



Moisturizes and softens dry and sensitive skin


100% Natural Product 

Suitable for the Whole Family

Made with Ingredients of the Highest Quality

50ml 1.7oz


Herb's Battle Beeswax cream

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