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• parabens

• Propylene

• Oil Derivatives



• Synthetic Colors

• Silicones

• Animal Derivatives

• Fragrances with Allergen

• Genetically modified organisms

  Working with 

• Pharmaceutical Ingredients

• Use of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

• Personalized and exclusive development of

   innovative products

• Continuous research and analysis of the                latest trends and developments in health

   and beauty

P H Y T O P L A S I S  labs is an established, independent leading

developer cosmetic laboratory active the last 30 years in the

development and processing advanced skin care formulations

based in active ingredients from aromatic and medicinal plants .

With thorough research on the flora of the region, and the application of the results, the company won recognition at national and international level.

P H Y T O P L A S I S     are committed to developing innovative

formulations, utilize the latest in active ingredient research and

product delivery technology for maximum efficacy and be able

to help its broad client-base of professional salons, spas, online

retailers and natural skin care companies build a unique and

expansive branded line.


The respective trends of the season, the briefing about the benefits

of herbs and essential oils in cosmetics production,

P H Y T O P L A S I S laboratories are up to date customer and

consultant colleagues in the cosmetic industry.


Continuing the family tradition P H Y T O P L A S I S laboratories

meet every need of the current market make your target of seeing

your own brand, a reality with a simplified method to develop and

introduce your own line of natural, custom skin care.

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