From The land we were Inspiring

Nestos is one of the most beautiful rivers, and an ecosystem

of great ecological value. The Mediterranean climate, land

morphology and the presence of water have made it possible

for various habitat types to be developed. The different biotopes host numerous flora and fauna species which you cannot find anywhere in Europe neither in quantity nor in ground extend.

Some or the most well known habitants of the area are bears,

wolves, wild goats, deer, jackals, wild hogs, foxes, wild cats, wild chicken, harrier eagle, trout etc. In the area you can also see different kinds of flora such as red spruce, birch, pine trees, isabelline wheatear, Macedonian pine tree, bushes like bilberry, blackberry, raspberry and plants such as orchids and the famous Rodopi lily.

The forest and aquatic ecosystem of Nestos Valley is protected by the Ramsar Convention and belongs to the network NATURA 2000.

The River Nestos is one of the most important Greek wetlands,

a true monument of nature that lies on the western side of

Xanthi, Greece. Through mostly metamorphic formations, it

flows into the Aegean creating a natural paradise with 6 lagoons, a large forest packed with water-loving tree species 

(Kotza-Orman forest) and an idyllic valley (the Nestos Straits)

measuring 27 km long.

The main stream spreads over the coastal plain and expands as a deltaic system with freshwater lakes and ponds forming the Nestos delta (440 km²)

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